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                       CPR Anytime for the Community 
                             For Information Call 502-593-5939

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, any time. It is deadly.
            To help persons survive, CPR is needed immediately
        Bystanders can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival.
More than 270 persons were educated by the Harambee Health Center
  • How to perform American Heart Association CPR Family and Friends and CPR Anytime
  • How to give safe First Aid
  • How to prevent injury
  • Gave 100 Family and Friends CPR kits that included a video, manual, and practice manikins
The "CPR Community Gathering: How to Save the Life of a Loved One" event was held in November 2011. We invite you to view the video of this dynamic event, below.
Funding from the Good Samaritan Foundation, a ministry of the Kentucky Conferences of the United Methodist Church; AKA Sorority; and University Hospital.
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