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About Us

                        A Smoketown Health Ministry
         (Harambee is an African Swahil word that means, "Let's Pull together")

            Mission: To Enhance Health In the Smoketown Neighborhood.   

We help people (1) to engage in healthy behaviors, (2) live in an environment that supports health, and have (3)appropriate access to health care.

We believe in holistic health of the mind, body and spirit, nourished by supportive economic, environmental, occupational and other resources.  

Harambee Health Center. Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, charitable organization, incorporated in March 2012, located at 800 South Preston Street, Louisville, KY 40203 (at the Youth Build Louisville campus).  At date to be determined, Harambee will also be in the Sheppard Square, Historic, Presbyterian Community Center currently under renovation by the Louisville Metro Housing Authority, Inc. 

Health programs currently include:
  1. Urgent / Convenient Care Clinic now open Monday and Thursday, 4:000 PM - 8:00 PM. Hours will increase gradually. We will keep you posted.  Funded by the Mid-Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church. Gift from the Catholic Health Initiatives.  
  2. HIV Peer Prevention Counseling and Testing program. Supported by the Department of Public Health - HIV Division
  3. Cooper Clayton Smoking Cessation,/Louisville Metro Health Department supported. 
  4. Wellness and Mental Health / Keeping our fingers crossed on a grant to Mayor's Health Hometown program that could bring Yoga, TaiChi and Drumming to the People's Garden in Smoktown (In collaboration with Youth Build Louisville).
  5.   Collaborating Organizations:  Youth Build Louisville, Inc., Louisville Metro Housing Authority, Inc.,  New Directions Housing Corporation, Inc., Choose-Well, Mid-Kentucky Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church. KY Department of Public Health - HIV Division. Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness. 
  • Member:  Center for Non-Profit Excellence
  • Accounting Firm: Eiche, Smith & Company, Inc.
  • Attorney: Glenn Bossmeyer
  • Creative and Technical Consulting,
  • Credentialing/Billing: Choose-Well, LLC.
Program Recognition
Harambee is an American Academy of Nursing "EdgeRunner" program, an innovative health care program that offers new ideas to improve the health. 

Video About Harambee
The American Academy of Nursing produced the video below to highlight Harambee's history, needs of low income communities and financial stresses. (See  video below).  We are happy to report that due to the strong support of several organizations, Harambee currently in a stronger position. We leave this video to remind all that we need support to continue our work.

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